Do you have a perfect body? Don't answer - we know you do! If you want to emphasize your manly parts, Superbody underwear from Japan is what you need. We won't argue that it's for men who know exactly what they want. But the world belongs to the brave, doesn't it? So explore with the King and choose a brand beloved by the Japanese and people across Europe.

Superbody: special underwear for special gentlemen

Daring patterns, shiny materials... Is that your thing? If so, Superbody is the best choice for you. The King and his esquire brought briefs, boxers and comfortable swimming trunks with the most trendy designs from the Country of Cherry Blossom. As a modern Japanese brand, Superbody uses only the best materials so you can wear amazing, breathing polyamide or nylon. Are you ready for this journey? We guarantee comfort and style of the 21st century.

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